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Fay Dolan
Board Member

Fay never thought she would be helping to run a charity, it wasn’t even on her radar. She has always lived a pretty tame and quiet life and in her words: “never putting myself out there” and she considers herself a private person. That all changed when Fay found out her son Dan was killed in Iraq. “I knew I had to do something to make sure he would not be forgotten, I had to honor who Dan was and what he stood for.” She also knew he would want all those that serve to be honored and remembered as well. “I couldn’t think of a better way than raising money to help all those that serve, and to do it in Dan’s name.” This is never about her or Tim (Fay’s husband and Dan’s dad), nor would they want it to be. Fay does this despite being outside her comfort zone, “I’m not very comfortable up in front of people as some of you have probably noticed. I’m just doing the best I can in memory of my son Dan and to honor and help those that serve or have served their country, knowing he’s up there somewhere happy with what we are doing.”

To say Fay is proud of her son Dan, is an understatement. Yes, Dan was a war hero but for Fay he was so much more, anyone can see it whenever she talks about his hockey skills, love of snowboarding, his friends, and his sense of duty for his country. She had every reason to be proud of both Dan and his younger sister Michelle. She and Tim raised two exceptional children to be very caring and responsible adults.

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