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SPC Daniel G. Dolan

Always Our Hero, SPC Daniel G. Dolan

from the Dolan Family

Dan was a brave, bright and energetic young man who loved serving his country. In a letter he sent home, he wrote how proud he was when he looked upon the American Flag and how important it was to him to serve under it.  One of his comrades commented recently how Dan was the only one he knew that when asked why he joined, always answered he felt it was his duty to serve his country.

In his school years he loved to play sports.  He played soccer, baseball, football, and hockey. Hockey was his favorite.  He started playing at the age of twelve starting with Golden Spike, Golden Spike Select, Roy High, Northern Utah Independent, Utah Stars AAA and Utah Stars AA teams.  At one point he was on three hockey teams and playing football at the same time.  He was likely in the best shape of his life.  Besides hockey, his other love was snowboarding; he would go every chance he got.  He loved learning new things and meeting new people.  He had a very vivid imagination; he was always the one coming up with something to do.  As a kid how he would take a wagon and put chaise lounge chairs in it, making it into what looked like an airplane. Every kid in the neighborhood copied this, no one had a decent lounge chair for years after that.

Dan graduated from Roy High in May 2005.  He is known in his home town as a kind person who was very accepting of people and always said that everyone has a good side, this was evident in the many people who loved and respected him.  He would tell you what he thought but still let you be yourself, always there if you needed to talk.  One young man he went to school with told how he kept him out of trouble by talking him out of doing stupid things.  There are so many young people who will remember him for his friendship and understanding.  We run into some of them, and that’s always the first thing they say; how he would be the first to befriend them and make them feel comfortable.

Dan was born in Ogden, Utah on September 29, 1986. He joined the Army shortly after graduating High School and was assigned to the 3rd Platoon, Comanche Company, 1st Battalion 23rd Infantry Regiment 3rd Brigade 2nd Infantry Division. Stryker Brigade Combat Team, Tomahawks, stationed at Fort Lewis, Washington.

Dan went to Iraq on June 28, 2006 during the surge and was killed in Baghdad, Iraq on August 27th 2006.  He was awarded the Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Army Commendation Medal, Good Conduct Medal, and the Army Combat Infantry Badge. He was only 19 years old and not a day goes by that we don’t think of him.  We are very proud of him and miss him very much.  


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