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A message from the Dolan Family
A message from the Dolan Family

Helping Out Our American Heroes…

Dan would have wanted us to do this; he joined to serve his country believing that service to this nation is something that we all should be proud to do.  I think seeing what happened on 9/11 at such a young age might have had something if not everything to do with it.  I can still remember that morning how he had so many questions and how upset he was that a few could cause so much pain and destruction to so many. 

He had a deep love and appreciation of his country, never wavering in his decision to join the Army.  It was a dream he had as a small child, feeling that everyone should serve their country.  I remember in Basic training during the last grueling test, ge wrote in a letter “We just finished our last march, at the end of this march we have to climb Honor Hill, on Honor Hill is an American Flag, I looked up the hill feeling the last of my energy ebbing away and saw the Flag.  With much emotion I realized just why I joined and this spurs me on to the finish.  I am so proud of myself and my country.  I do not regret for one minute the decision that I have made.

 It doesn’t matter what others believe, it is what was in Dan’s heart that counts.  After all its his sacrifice isn’t it, so as long as he believed in what he was doing its not in vain and should be honored.  He would have wanted us to help his brothers in arms and those who come home needing the services of this foundation.  They all need to feel that their service and sacrifice counts. 

Dan was loyal.  He would have wanted loyalty from us.  He believed in the Seven Army Values which are: Courage, Loyalty, Honor, Integrity, Selfless Service and Respect.  He would have wanted each of us to exhibit all of these values in our lives.  That is the way that we as a nation can give back to those who have given their all.  We hope that the foundation can maintain these values within.  We invite all to help us with our cause.  You can do this by donation, or participation in Dan’s Ride or volunteering.

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